Hospital [noun]

Definition of Hospital:

place where ill, injured are treated

Synonyms of Hospital:

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Sentence/Example of Hospital:

He wears a mask in hospitals, he says, not for himself but for others.

When Paul grew ill, Ryan, a hospital social worker, knew something was up.

By “equal visitation,” the statement was referring to a hospital policy that allows same-sex partners to have the same visitation privileges as legal family members to visit someone in the hospital.

Recommending against civilians wearing high-quality masks meant more high-quality masks could be sent to hospitals facing a flood of infected patients.

Federal regulators focus on this statistic to evaluate — and sometimes penalize — transplant programs, giving hospitals across the country a reputational and financial incentive to game it.

Some children reported being abused at the hospitals as they waited to be placed.

Five of the attendees work at Princess Marina Hospital, a public hospital in Gaborone.

We take this example and this opportunity to shine light on something that's happening in real time, and we put in systems to make sure it never happens again — particularly when you have hospitals that receive state dollars.

That exercise assumed that the city’s public health system continued to function reasonably well and that individual hospitals or doctors would not be left on their own to figure out what to do.

As smokestacks shut down and heavy machinery moved out in the 1980s and 1990s, hospitals, universities and entertainment firms rose in their place.