Hospitality [noun]

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Tax revenues that fund things like hospitals and social services come from local sales, so when visitors don’t come, it impacts more than just the hospitality industry.

The pandemic only made that financial situation worse with job losses in industries like tourism, hospitality, and the oil industry.

The category with the most review activity was travel and hospitality with 237.

Craft distillers are considered small businesses within the hospitality industry.

That means drawing from the lessons of the initial Covid-19 wave to keep patrons safe while experimenting with new revenue-generating models—and re-evaluating their purpose of the hospitality industry in the process.

She welcomed them with all the native hospitality, as she would have opened her door to let the sunlight in.

With great courtesy and hospitality Ki Pak invited the stranger within the house.

Again they heard the growl much nearer than before, and it became evident that the lion was intent on claiming hospitality.

Ireland is often accused of neglecting her opportunities, but never her hospitality.

Instantly Eudora, who had seemed so listless, woke up with all the hospitality of her Southern nature roused to action.