Hospitals [noun]

Definition of Hospitals:

place where ill, injured are treated

Synonyms of Hospitals:

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Sentence/Example of Hospitals:

The hospitals in the capital were crowded with wounded soldiers, brought in at great risk from the rural districts.

The hospitals were already full of soldiers suffering as much from sunstroke as from wounds received in battle.

Something was done towards improving the condition of the barracks, hospitals, and schools.

Many of the Royalists had fled to the hospitals, where, in the wards of infection, they shared the beds of the dead and the dying.

She heard of the rehabilitation of Belgium, and portable hospitals, and millions of dollars, and Red Cross trains.

In 1842 the local authorities are incidentally reminded that they have power to send sick persons to hospitals outside the union.

Government gave hospitals and doctors into their hands; they took the whole charge of certain schools.

Statutory powers were obtained for the provision of hospitals in the Metropolis by combinations of boards of guardians.

The little blue placard hung over the cot, as in the foundling hospitals, states the child's nationality: "Moldo, Wallachian."

Among many hospitals, the county hospital , "open to the sick and lame poor of every country and nation," may be mentioned.