Hostages [noun]

Definition of Hostages:

person held captive until captor's demand is met

Synonyms of Hostages:

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Sentence/Example of Hostages:

Pelosi has insisted for months that state and local aid would be in any final bill, but as time is running out, Democrats appear unwilling to hold the rest of the package hostage over the demand.

Living in Rio is like “being a hostage to violence,” says Rafael César, who lives in the neighborhood of Cordovil, west of the city.

In it, he argues that conversations—at least the really hard ones—are too important to entrust solely to traditional “professionals” like facilitators, mediators, psychologists, or hostage negotiators.

The threat to Democratic unity is as much from within as it is from outside, however, with slim margins potentially empowering rival blocs inside the Democratic ranks to band together and hold legislation hostage.

This August, the final captives held hostage by Somali pirates were finally released after an excruciatingly long captivity.

She was held as a hostage in Jamestown in an effort to restore peace between the Indians and the English.

I am summoned hither, so I come, but it may be necessary to secure a hostage for my safe conduct outside the walls again.

The chiefs, in retiring from the conference, took with them Captain Trevor as a hostage.

Vehement the words of Wise, who imagined that the Yankees had seized one of his children as a hostage for himself.

With such a town, and such a hostage, all Asiatic Siberia must necessarily fall into the hands of the invaders.