Hostel [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Hostel:

Ron Limb, 54, the hostel’s owner, was home in bed, awakened by a call from someone at the hostel.

I’ve tried to ride 120 miles to the Jersey Shore from a small town in Pennsylvania, gotten lost, and had to bed down in a random hostel on the state line.

The name "Students' Hostel," written on a large poster placed at the gate, attracted my attention and I rang the doorbell.

Before leaving the Hostel I was invited into a garden gay with roses and carnations and the merry voices of happy girls.

The programs are made up by professionals and students of the Hostel who are studying music.

If you find neatness at an hostel, it is kept by old-country people.

Then you saw a sleighing party in the country, and soon a hostel of goodly size.

"There is a goodly hostel near the west gate, which is famed for the stewing of spiced pullets," remarked Sir Oliver.

"This is the 'Mouton d'Or,'" said Aylward, as they pulled up their horses at a whitewashed straggling hostel.

Three times he shouted, but, receiving no reply, he opened an inner door and advanced into the chief guest-room of the hostel.