Hostelry [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Hostelry:

We revelled in its resemblance, or its fancied resemblance to the famous old hostelry kept by old John Willet.

By noon they had reached Voiron, and here, at a quiet hostelry, they descended to pause awhile for rest and refreshment.

There was a fire burning in the general-room of the hostelry, and Garnache went to warm him at its cheerful blaze.

We must now be supposed to have reached the entrance of the hostelry, for indeed it was a Covent Garden tavern and nothing more.

So by wood and mere and sighing reed we pass with many a twist and turn until we reach the hostelry of Horning Ferry.

They will be sure to have put up at the Fleur de Lys, it is the only hostelry where they could find decent accommodation.

He occupied an ancient manor and commodious hostelry which royalty had twice coveted.

Still I cannot say, and it is to that hostelry's credit, that my domicile at the Astor aided me to my smuggling resolves.

Afterwards the party dined at the very comfortable hostelry of the Dog and Duck.

Her house was a frame building, on the south side of the road, and a busy, bustling hostelry.