Hostess [noun]

Definition of Hostess:

a woman who hosts visitors

Synonyms of Hostess:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hostess:


Sentence/Example of Hostess:

To fill up the time till Liszt came, our hostess made us play, one after the other, beginning with the latest arrival.

The entertainment upon such occasions, may vary with the taste of the hostess, or the caprice of her guests.

To see a hostess fidgeting, constantly going in and out, argues ill for her tact in arranging the house for company.

The brown loaf was cut by a very excited little hostess into five thick squares; the cheese into four.

Within the next week, you should call upon your hostess, if it is the first party you have attended at her house.

The hostess wore a gown of black chiffon trimmed with pale blue that looked simple and was not.

After breakfast, ask your hostess if you can be of any assistance to her in the household duties.

Your hostess may imagine you are drawing comparisons unfavorable to your present residence.

After dinner, retire for an hour to your own room, that your hostess may lie down if she is accustomed to do so.

Avoid paying any visits in a family not upon good terms with your hostess.