Hostilities [noun]

Definition of Hostilities:

antagonism, meanness

Synonyms of Hostilities:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hostilities:

Sentence/Example of Hostilities:

He graduated at Yale college, and at the commencement of hostilities was appointed to the chief command of the Connecticut troops.

The rebel general opportunely arrived in Singapore at or about the time of the outbreak of American-Spanish hostilities.

His good sense showed him how large an element of injustice entered into these hostilities.

Capitulation of the city of Canton, which had forfeited previous stipulations with the British and resumed hostilities.

But this did not prevent the continuance of hostilities in Brazil, and the other foreign possessions of Portugal.

One thing is certain: Robert was in no aggressive mood, and would not have resumed hostilities without really serious provocation.

Hostilities ceased between England and the United States throughout the world.

House of Commons dull; and Opposition talk of suspending hostilities from despair.

A few hours later France mobilized, and the next day opened hostilities.

It was so evident that the Chinese commissioner was insincere, that hostilities recommenced on the 7th of January.