Hotbed [noun]

Definition of Hotbed:

center of activity

Synonyms of Hotbed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hotbed:


Sentence/Example of Hotbed:

The largely unmoderated and right-wing social network was also involved in the planning of the insurrection, leading some to worry that Parler is a new hotbed of misinformation and extremist activity.

It’s worth noting that these production pauses are specific to Southern California, which has become a hotbed for coronavirus.

As the pandemic spread across the country, one plant after another became a hotbed of the virus, which exploded onto unprepared communities as companies fought to keep their plants open and the meat coming.

The hotbed frames and sashes were put away for future use, as it was too late to need them now.

When he saw early spring vegetables growing in a hotbed, he said: How does that loose covering keep them warm?

In Corsica they do nothing, restlessly; while Sardinia, as all the world knows, is a hotbed of active discontent.

Zurich, as you know, is a hotbed of radicalism, and those young women who went to learn soon imbibed the wildest ideas.

If the loam is a heavy one, place the pot in a warm situation; a spent hotbed is a good place.

The extra-early varieties may be forced in a hotbed, or seed may be sown as soon as the ground is fit to work in the spring.

The Coldframe in these cases is an intermediate stage between the hotbed and the open field.