Hotels [noun]

Definition of Hotels:

place where one pays for accommodation

Synonyms of Hotels:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hotels:


Sentence/Example of Hotels:

It was November, when knickerbockered and culture-seeking tourists no longer fill the cheap hotels of Paris.

In the smoking-rooms of all the hotels and trains I talked with any one whom I found disposed to conversation.

Already most of the hotels were prepared to take care of this class of tourists, and in many others improvements were under way.

It is especially a winter resort, although the hotels keep open during the year.

The hotels at these places are generally excellent from the English point of view, which differs somewhat from the American.

I've heard my father say that at the big hotels at Atlantic City and other places they have a band play while the people dine.

Oban is modern, a place of many and excellent hotels fronting on the bay.

The hotels, however, are far from first-class, and one would probably be more comfortable at Newcastle.

Engel proceeded north a few blocks, turned into one of the commercial hotels noted for its name band.

The landlady, clad in a low-necked black dress with long sweeping train, was typical of many we saw in the old-country hotels.