Hotheaded [adjective]

Definition of Hotheaded:


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Sentence/Example of Hotheaded:

Even well-written female characters, like Judy, a hotheaded but sharp woman, live under the shadow of men who have wronged her.

Kenric thought little of this threat, but it was not long ere the hotheaded young viking put it into execution.

There have been some hotheaded and unfortunate judgments on the part of my family, which report has greatly magnified.

The real reason for the visit of my young hotheaded Imperial Master was concealed from me.

But it was not possible for the dictatorial governor and the hotheaded youth to get along together.

Grandad is among the distillers and Norah is as hotheaded as he.

He was hotheaded and overbearing, but she did not believe him to be vindictive.

The stupefied Axphainians regained their senses and a general assault was made upon the hotheaded American.

This cogent reasoning prevailed, but the hotheaded youths grumbled much and long at the delay.

Conde is old, and his son, who is certainly ambitious and hotheaded now, will be even more powerful than his father has been.