Hotheads [noun]

Definition of Hotheads:

agitating person

Synonyms of Hotheads:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hotheads:


Sentence/Example of Hotheads:

"Sentimental old hothead," grumbled Brian, touched and pleased.

A hothead like you will benefit by a period of quiet meditation.

As he spoke he covered the wretched creature with a cloak, and placed a doubled gaberdine beneath hothead.

The role of firebrand and hothead, drawing villainous knives on frightened boys, would not quite convince his present audience.

These four men, however, stood in such awe of the young hothead that they neglected to fulfil their commission.

They were therefore to thwart all attempts the young hothead might make of commencing war upon us.

Nobody but this young hothead with his insensate desire for revenge knew or cared anything about that old affair now.

"No you don't," as the hothead raised the pistol again, when the train coughed its way toward them.

It is noteworthy that with the exception of one minor hothead, the so-called "independents" made no defense before the committee.

He is a regular hothead when he is sober; but now he's a perfect lamb; and he embraced his victim!