Hothouse [noun]

Definition of Hothouse:

cultivated plants, flowers

Synonyms of Hothouse:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hothouse:


Sentence/Example of Hothouse:

Honorine has her little house, a garden, and a splendid hothouse, for a rent of five hundred francs a year.

"He is a very precious hothouse flower," said Dennis sarcastically.

He is engaged in growing and wholesale shipping of hothouse and garden vegetables.

Of course these were not fragrant like hothouse violets, but they had quite as beautiful a color.

She slept a great deal, and was fed constantly and her crystal palace was like a little hothouse.

There was an atmosphere of hothouse flowers and fruit, and the like; a suggestion of exquisite cigars.

But they were all protected plants, not hothouse flowers, yet flowers from high-walled, well-tended gardens.

Fish of river and sea, game of forest, fruit of hothouse, were cunningly served up in every possible variety in honour of Blemish.

He imagines himself to be in love with the pastor's daughter in the village, who has been brought up like a hothouse plant.

The decoration of the hothouse would now depend in a great measure upon Begonias, Euphorbias, Luculias, &c.