Hounding [verb]

Definition of Hounding:

chase, badger

Synonyms of Hounding:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hounding:

Sentence/Example of Hounding:

The writer circulated the first petition to get the law enacted prohibiting the hounding of deer.

When they'd had enough hounding and restriction, they rose in their might.

What meant this inhuman hounding of men so highly honored in the community?

Ever since he won that cup he's been hounding me—by letter, by telephone and by word of mouth.

But, glancing over his shoulder, he saw a hounding form behind, catching him as though he were walking.

Ma met her in the forest carrying the infants in a box on her head, a howling mob of men and women hounding her on.

I am tired of nosing drains and buying copperas and hounding the latent plumber that he adjust the water-pipes.

No one else, of course, had ever been either gay or shameful before—especially not the eminent and hounding financiers.

If it really was a practical joke, then whoever did it needs hounding out of the place.

Shakespeare—ah, a pretty name that, and a precious hounding scamp is the fellow that owns it.