Hours [noun]

Definition of Hours:

brief time period

Synonyms of Hours:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hours:

Sentence/Example of Hours:

Even in our southern areas, the snow will not last that long, tapering off in the predawn hours Friday and mostly over by sunrise.

Even an hour after Capitol barricades were breached — something that played widely on cable news — we have no real evidence he was truly “horrified,” and plenty that he wasn’t.

The best heated vests will have batteries that are easy and quick to recharge, heat the vest quickly upon wearing, and offer many hours of warmth and comfort between charges.

Martin likes to compare the challenge that RapidSOS is setting out to tackle to that of an hour glass.

If your pet is an Afghan hound or a St Bernard, you should not expect it to be interested in spending hours fetching toys for you.

Stores like Costco, which will continue its $2 per hour hazard pay through March on top of a $15 minimum wage, and Target, which permanently raised its starting wage to $15 an hour, were the exceptions rather than the norm.

Public opinion surveys have found wide support among Americans for raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour.

The closest major airport is Bangor International, an hour north, but more airlines serve Portland International Jetport, three hours south.

He added that the department is exploring a service to more carefully track officers’ off-duty work hours.

Lately, in that gray-blue hour before a winter sunrise, I’ve taken to staying in bed and flying to Morocco.