Housekeeping [noun]

Definition of Housekeeping:

household management

Synonyms of Housekeeping:

Opposite/Antonyms of Housekeeping:


Sentence/Example of Housekeeping:

Some people are able to enjoy long, sustained periods of cellular housekeeping and repair and others are not.

Pair this with the disproportionate challenges faced by women in higher education during the pandemic – such as caregiving and housekeeping – and the crisis has intensified.

Many men at their level have spouses who handle childcare and housekeeping, but most senior-level women don’t have that kind of support.

The virus sickened a half-dozen members of the hospital’s housekeeping staff, which had been given limited personal protective equipment.

Beyond its unique housekeeping model, the site is betting on subscriptions.

There, community pods formed for exchanging services such as English lessons and housekeeping.

"Setting up housekeeping" proved to be an absorbing task, indeed.

The pages of Gertrude's housekeeping looked like what they were, a perfect and simple system of accounts.

He had won three silver cups, two rifles, and a silver coffee-pot; this would be of use to him when he began housekeeping.

The two might have vowed eternal friendship and set up housekeeping together on a platonic footing.