Hover [verb]

Definition of Hover:

hang, float over

Synonyms of Hover:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hover:




Sentence/Example of Hover:

It was taking all my concentration just to try to hold a stable hover, basically, and safely put the swimmer down.

Google opens those issues in a hover over window on the right of the page.

They 'ung 'im in the lamp chains right hover the dinin' table, and then finished the dessert.

They were all glad to hover around the blaze, now and then; and especially so when they ate their luncheons.

Sometimes the Time Observatory would pinpoint an age and hover over it while his companions took painstaking historical notes.

As your guests will come dropping in at all hours, you must hover near the door to greet each one entering.

Ourrias is carried to the bottom of the river by the goblins and spirits that come out and hover over it at night.

He would then not try to pass it till the evening, when he would continually hover about Digby till he found him tripping.

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It rose again a few seconds later as if baffled, but it continued to hover at that point, keening forth its warning.