Hovered [verb]

Definition of Hovered:

hang, float over

Synonyms of Hovered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hovered:




Sentence/Example of Hovered:

But in the matter of that wine—the faintest of smiles hovered on her lips, her eyebrows went up a shade.

The belated moon stole up from its lair, hovered above the sky-line, a gaudy orange sphere in the haze of smoke.

During two days smoke hovered around the neighbourhood, and the appearance of Manila from the bay was that of a smouldering city.

The latter glanced at her sidewise and a shrewd little smile hovered about her lips for a moment, which Jess did not observe.

Towards the end of the march, the English hung upon the Scots, but 'hovered still about them and did nothing.'

I remember no more of that day, nor indeed of many days after, for I lay insensible, and my spirit hovered between life and death.

Soon the balloon, taking an oblique ascent, hovered over the darkened landscape, and the paling lights also disappeared.

At that, disaster had hovered near while Flick was arguing Belle Shaler out of a second ice.

The charred stick hovered over her white face, then was withdrawn and darted at mine.

It appeared as if his spirit still hovered round me, and consoled me with manifestations of more than earthly love.