How [adverb]

Definition of How:

in what way or manner

Opposite/Antonyms of How:


Sentence/Example of How:

Consequently, while the direction of the what-not-how-now line is definitely fixed, their actual positions remain unestablished.

I'm plumb tired, an' there ain't no use tryin' to be respectable, no-how.

How lovers rashGot mittens at the spelling school!How many a mute, inglorious fool Wrote rhymes and sighed and died—mustache!

I guess I didn't think much what I was a-doin' of, no-how. '

But in that other heart how was it?how with the sweet saint that was talking to herself in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs?

Oh for flesh and blood,Before whose feet I could adore, yet love!How easy then were duty!

"I fuf-fuf-fuf, fail to see huh-huh-how that applies," said Joe Gamp, a lad with a serious impediment in his speech.

Kill off enough of the masses and even if the planet and the know-how is left, there's nobody to do the work.

But—if it has to be,—well, you've worked for me all these years and it's a pretty how-de-do if I can't work for you in turn.

With all her intellectual gifts she was yet a lovable woman,ah Mavis!how lovable and dear I was destined in misery to know!