Howitzers [noun]

Definition of Howitzers:

arm, armament

Opposite/Antonyms of Howitzers:


Sentence/Example of Howitzers:

The Turkish trenches are deep and narrow, and only effective weapon for dealing with them is the howitzer.

The bag was then rammed down upon the powder, and the howitzer pointed.

"A few discharges from the howitzer might stir them up," suggested Wade.

"It would not be a bad plan to get up our howitzer, and rig a carriage for it," said Wade.

An entire company of infantry in wagons, with a mountain howitzer and several rounds of grapeshot, was hastened to their relief.

They had commenced to carry out the flour when the lieutenant with ten soldiers turned the howitzer upon them.

The Rebels advanced with loud shouts, and planted a 12-pound Howitzer on the ridge.

When I turned on the kitchen light the mouse was holding a howitzer nine inches away from my head.

The last weapon subjected to trial was a mountain howitzer of a new pattern.

Nobody cared about left-hand Gun Hill; he was only a 47 howitzer; every glass was clamped on the big yellow emplacement.