Hub [noun]

Definition of Hub:

center, focal point

Synonyms of Hub:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hub:

Sentence/Example of Hub:

If you don't need any more storage space, though, we also have deals on Apple's AirPods, USB-C hubs and chargers, PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now subscriptions, and more.

With a new hub in Dallas, Waymo’s heavy-duty trucks took to the Texas roads this week to start the company’s road testing of its driverless fleet, which consists of 13 Peterbilt 18-wheelers complete with cameras, lidar, and on-board computers.

What’s more, the publishers’ affiliate sales hub, GQ Recommends, is up 105% in revenue year to date over 2019.

If the prediction comes to pass, a new crop of startup founders could rise from these newer hubs.

Both have helped underpin Hong Kong’s reputation as a global financial hub.

He manages the content delivery hub at Zigma and is dedicated to creating smart strategies for clients who want to take their business to the next level.

This week’s presentation for Quartz members looks at the growth of global startup cities around the world and explores the obstacles they face as well as their advantages over more-established tech hubs.

Beyond the thriving major cities of Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen, efforts to develop successful innovation hubs are also underway in other regions.

Chains of carbon-bearing compounds serve as the “sticks” linking those hubs together.

This area is also a hub of seismic activity, or earthquakes.