Hubbies [noun]

Definition of Hubbies:

married man

Synonyms of Hubbies:

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Sentence/Example of Hubbies:

The Alimentive wife usually has her share of the family income because she has the endearing ways that wring it out of hubby.

And hubby's hair-trigger temperament she now calls just plain temper.

Then when he got woozy one time she up an' told him that she had got a nice long letter from her hubby.

(Satirically) Has poor little hubby cold feet waiting so long?

After eating two of her cakes poor old hubby begins to feel as if he had swallowed the corner stone of a Carnegie library.

Hubby started—and lost his glasses into the ocean, while the hat remained firmly on his head.

Hubby went down to the edge of the wharf, leaning over and looking at the water below.

Youll be a sick little hubby, in about a minute and a quarter, Joe retorted, swinging at him.

Whispers went abroad that she was lazy, and they became so loud that hubby heard them over the wireless telephone.

As Hubby had red hair and the hat was a dirty white, he looked like a fried egg in it.