Hubs [noun]

Definition of Hubs:

center, focal point

Synonyms of Hubs:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hubs:

Sentence/Example of Hubs:

My rings were made by padding the iron rings from the hubs of a lumber wagon and swinging them from the rafters.

Across the bed of one more ravine, the sand up to the hubs, and we were in the Daur camp.

They differed somewhat in size and shape; hence the hubs of the fore and hind wheels did not match.

The road, especially near the base, is nothing but a sea of clay in which the military carts sink up to their hubs.

Some climbed upon the wheel hubs of the wagons that were backed up in rows alongside the open shed and balanced themselves there.

The war chariots, armed with scythes at the hubs, were placed in the center of the army, with the reserve.

Two wheels were sunk far past the hubs, and the step of the car was under mud.

On went the first speed, most powerful of all, but not powerful enough to fight through snow nearly up to the hubs.

So of birds-eye maple for cabinet ware, red elm for carriage hubs, and other varieties applicable to specific uses.

I remember well the black mucky mud we rode through, the wheels sinking in to the hubs first on one side then the other.