Huckstering [verb]

Definition of Huckstering:

sell door to door

Synonyms of Huckstering:

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Sentence/Example of Huckstering:

The huckstering spirit penetrates the whole language, all relations are expressed in business terms, in economic categories.

Submit to it, Palmon; let something be abated of your due, as if you were a-huckstering winter blankets and white counterpanes.

The rose garden of the god unconquered in battle was exchanged for a very shoddy and huckstering paradise.

Persons who have been used to a petty, huckstering way of life cannot enlarge their apprehensions to a notion of anything better.

It is a relief to turn from so painful a subject, even though we descend to the petty, huckstering politics of the English court.

And now all thy memorial dynasties end in the huckstering rule of some thirty unknown and anonymous jobbers!

But it was only the puny huckstering of the little theatres which offended him.

The sort of huckstering contest that went on between them was as follows.

All along the south faade, print and cook shops were seen, and small huckstering went on unheeded.

A true book does not go about advertising itself, huckstering for souls, arranging its greatness small enough.