Hucksters [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Hucksters:

But my humiliation goes even deeper, for I must parade my poor wares before you like any huckster, beseeching you to buy.

No one save Jacques the huckster lives there, why should he excite any attention?

Everything was still on the streets except the clatter of the milk carts, and the early drays and huckster wagons.

Miss Grey, a small huckster who kept a little vegetable shop, was one day showing off her rings and bracelets to our servant.

A few huckster men were beginning to go round, but Hudson Market was the place to buy fresh vegetables that came in every morning.

Up in New England the papers are asking who is this political huckster, this county court advocate?

But the huckster had gone to another room, and Margot was getting her supper with the Lady Mary's serving-maids.

Huckster and market wagons from the country farms congregated in Dock Square.

When this traffic was concluded, the little huckster took up her burden and retired towards the group of spectators.

How dare you suppose that I or any noble knight had such a huckster's soul as to think only of ransoms where honor is to be won?