Hued [adjective]

Definition of Hued:

vivid in color

Synonyms of Hued:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hued:

Sentence/Example of Hued:

They’re piled high with mostly warm, golden-hued veggies, full of protein-rich ingredients like nuts and legumes, and most importantly, are quick-cooking, or can be reheated or repurposed into even more dishes.

This copper pink–hued rosé blend showcases Pinot Noir grapes from the Montagne de Reims while retaining the fresh minerality of Chardonnay, with a palate of red berry fruits.

His clothing was also, in part, that of a parader: a brilliant-hued coat worn over his ordinary faded suit of denim.

His straw-hued hair, brushed back from a sloping brow, hung lankly down upon his coat-collar.

Undistinguished from any typical strap-hanger except perhaps by the light-hued eyes.

He had his key ready in his hand, terra cotta-hued tab swinging loose.

The furnishings are many hued, the cushions a flare of color, and the pictures fantastically futuristic.

Overhead a bird chirped in loneliness, and the sky slowly turned pearly hued as the paralysis left him.

Rev. Abraham Murchison, a tall copper-hued negro, was pastor, and presided over the deliberations.

As to the women of the peones, their dress is generally sombre-hued and modest.