Huffy [adjective]

Definition of Huffy:

angry, in a bad mood

Synonyms of Huffy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Huffy:

Sentence/Example of Huffy:

She was half inclined to be huffy at first, when we told her our news, because she had been kept in the dark till the last moment.

The Count was a little huffy, though, and hinted that he had expected me to say yes on the spot.

As talkative as huffy, dame Alison preferred to see her tavern full with chatterers than empty of tipplers.

Well, Sue went off 37 quite huffy; but when I did go over, she forgot all about it, and was all beaming and rippling.

Two days before the prisoner's discharge she burst in again, huffy head, furs and gesticulation as before.

He kept this up so long that finally I got huffy and asked him what the trouble was.

He seemed to think we had been rude to her; he was most awfully huffy about it.

He also baffles the curiosity of my sisters, and by his diplomacy has sent Eleanor Faversham on a huffy trip to Sicily.

Nothing but huffy, porous, stinking and rotten cheese can result from the use of such rennet preparation.

Getting all huffy and talking about deportation for cooking up lies is the best proof you could ask for that we hit pay dirt.