Hugely [adverb]

Definition of Hugely:

very much, extremely

Synonyms of Hugely:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hugely:

Sentence/Example of Hugely:

Universally beloved and hugely influential, it is nevertheless a bit long in the tooth in some ways.

If nothing else, it's hugely impressive from a technical perspective.

Covid-19, marks a hugely important moment in time when the scientific research community came together across disciplines and sectors and borders.

His father is a member of the Yoruba tribe and his mother an Ibo, which meant their union was “hugely frowned upon.”

Our ability to copy the minds of others is hugely important.

There’s a hugely underserved portion of the audience here that is not only family but clearly — women are more than half of the population.

He enjoyed himself hugely fighting all day and dancing all night, when he could spare the time from his books.

"I was your most frequent visitor," declared the doctor, enjoying himself hugely.

The soldiers were hugely delighted with their haul, and gave us some packets of dynamite as mementoes!

Are they so hugely interested in the performances of my unassuming penna?