Hugeness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Hugeness:

Judge, therefore, the simple but terrific satisfaction of a Five Towns audience in the hugeness of the calamity.

The forbidding hugeness of the house made him feel as if he had expected to meet Thea in a crowd and had missed her.

The cave widened out into a stony hugeness that gaped with tunnels leading further underground.

They had got some idea of their hugeness from the shell, but viewed from ground level they loomed even larger.

There from water-level they could better see the hugeness of the tumult, the strange hardness and steepness of the wave-slopes.

Would it be possible for her hugeness, her power, her wealth to remain inert in a world crisis?

They grew in hugeness until the troops came right to the foot of the slope which led up to their base.

Such was the hugeness of the body of Galapus, that, as it fell, it crushed six Saracens to death.

He told me afterwards that my hugeness and my taciturnity had created exactly the impression he had wished.

It seemed more human than the others, whose hugeness and splendour they had admired without a wish to possess.