Hugged [verb]

Definition of Hugged:

hold close, cling to

Synonyms of Hugged:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hugged:

Sentence/Example of Hugged:

In the final episode of the ’70s sitcom The Mary Tyler Moore Show, when the characters make their tearful farewell, they join in a group hug.

Yet it’s the only bird who engages in group hugs and shuffles en masse from one spot to another, just like Mary’s newsroom gang.

On his rounds, there were times that the best Slotten could do was to give comfort, or a hug, or to keep vigil.

When the mission team got the signal that the spacecraft had finished its job and retreated to a safe distance from Bennu, team members pumped their arms in the air, cheered and sent each other socially distant high-fives and hugs.

He wraps Walker in a bear hug, but not before Walker launches his Discman at Bryant’s head.

She hugged him, wheel and all, and began turning over the rubbish with great delight.

He locked his arms tightly around the animals body and hugged her neck with his legs, so that she could not bite him.

Bobby Hargrew started the cheering; but it was Laura who reached Jess first and hugged her tight.

The gratification of rummaging false Val's desk was an ample compensation; and the countess-dowager hugged herself with delight.

Then, at Cordelia's amazed look of shocked distress, she hugged her spasmodically.