Hulk [noun]

Definition of Hulk:

large piece, lump; remains

Synonyms of Hulk:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hulk:


Sentence/Example of Hulk:

But as no junk-man came, and as no one could be found to care for its now sadly battered hulk, its good riddance became a problem.

A few minutes before she had been a stately three-masted frigate; now she was a helpless hulk.

You've put in good work to-night all right, and saved this old hulk from drifting into harbour.

It was on such a night that a great black hulk moved like a sable monster through the waters off the coast of Cuba.

She is a dirty commonplace hulk, packed with men in soiled clothes, no longer the radiant white ship of our vision.

I guess you don't realize how many times I've been over this hulk, from decks to keelson, with a mallet and a foot-rule.

They stole everything, even the anchors; and later on, when I recovered the drifting hulk, I sold it for twenty dollars.

With slow precision he set the servo fixes on the huge gray hulk looming up in the viewer, and then snapped the switches sharply.

His honest face was working with emotion, and he began to talk before the oarsmen had eased the boat against the overturned hulk.

The loss of the empty hulk was hardly felt as Valier streaked high over the Texas border.