Hull [noun]

Definition of Hull:

skeleton, body

Synonyms of Hull:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hull:


Sentence/Example of Hull:

There aren’t any kind of like aberrant cracks that could, you know, get bigger and start to lead to a bigger destruction in the hull.

That sort of messy destruction can leave behind cracks or structural damage that propagates through the rest of the spacecraft hull or pierce through the ammonia coolant system.

The largest pieces were identified and tracked, but debris that was less than 10 centimeters in length—pieces that still pose a threat to spacecraft hull—was allowed to zip through space undetected.

This fills with water as your weight presses down on the hull.

The ship sat for over a week before cracks emerged in its hull.

In fact—on account of conditions beyond my choice and control—I spent too much time on the wrong side of the hull shields.

Again, mebbe it would–if the hull thing that happened next was accidentally a-purpose.

A party of American marines boarded her, hauled down the Spanish flag, and tried to save the hull, but it was too far consumed.

I'd be tickled to have the hull town come out an' see me cuttin' figger eight's in the clouds.

An dem pieces yo orated den was a hull lot nicer dan wat Mars Chet is sayin.