Humanely [adverb]

Definition of Humanely:

with compassion

Opposite/Antonyms of Humanely:

Sentence/Example of Humanely:

While cultured meat is real meat, and not a plant-based substitute, it can be marketed as more humane and environmentally sustainable.

Researchers are now calling for a set of guidelines, similar to those used in animal research, to guide the humane use of brain organoids and other experiments that could achieve consciousness.

The future of Eclipse is the future of the world, one where the default choice, the best choice, is the more sustainable, healthy, and humane one.

Thinking about immigration and fighting for a humane immigration policy.

These small yet impactful steps and tactics help you connect with your audience in a more humane way and add to your online reputation.

While thus humanely employed, the state of our north-western frontier summoned him to engage in warlike preparations.

Peter Sherringham came humanely to his kinswoman's assistance.

It is to be hoped that humanely disposed planters will soon put an end to this barbarous and unreasonable practice.

At length they reached Chambly, where they were humanely treated by the French and their governor, Vaudrieul.

The subject is a revolting one, but the truth ought to be known, as it is (most humanely, I fully believe) questioned.