Humanistic [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Humanistic:

It is worth noticing that not one of these young men went to Italy for his humanistic education.

The idealism of the eighteenth century was not reformative and humanistic, but revolutionary and humanitarian.

Between applied science and science as a cultural discipline—that is, science as a humanistic study—the line is hard to draw.

Humanistic writing is full of the exulting sense of this emancipation.

Hence the pride which is an essential quality of the humanistic attitude.

The irruption of that turbulent rascal, natural science, has perhaps had most to do with humanising our humanistic studies.

Here his vigorous mind, ample training, his humanistic tastes and humanitarian aspirations, are all finely in evidence.

The democratic experiment is the only one that requires this wilful humanistic culture.

He had overlooked the cardinal element in the humanistic creed that knowledge without love meant death and isolation.

Lastly, the report recommends that the humanistic side of the science be made as prominent as possible.