Humanities [noun]

Definition of Humanities:

liberal arts

Synonyms of Humanities:

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Sentence/Example of Humanities:

A commanding brow, thoughtful eyes, and a mouth that seemed to respond to all humanities.

The humanities became the fashion, just as science became the fashion in the nineteenth century.

For a considerable period, therefore, the humanities had to be pursued in institutions apart from the universities.

He was affected below all the surface that worldly thoughts and habits had laid, stratum by stratum, over the humanities within.

Education in pursuing the so-called “humanities” has been holding up to view a hypothetical man in a hypothetical environment.

There was at times something almost Satanic in his ingenious avoidance of the common humanities.

He studied philosophy for three years at the Roman College and was then assigned to teach humanities.

The feeding arrangements for the humanities on board were, if disagreeable, sufficiently amusing once in a way.

This contention of the leisure-class spokesmen of the humanities seems to be substantially sound.

They embody the hopes of the Renaissance and depict a College of the Humanities.