Humanize [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Humanize:

And the moment the sounds of everyday life began to humanize the neighborhood, he returned; sat down to his machine.

But the crucial question is—how big a house can she humanize?

The discovery, whatever the motive, will inevitably humanize industry a good deal.

Can an act of Parliament humanize their minds, or impart mercy to their hearts?

It became the fashion for the "spiritual" to malign every hope and passion that tends to humanize and refine the heart.

One marked aspect of recent devil-fiction is the tendency to gloze over his sins and to humanize him.

Not that people accepted Tolstoy's views that art should teach the love of God and man, but his idea did much to humanize art.

The task before us is to humanize law and opinion, to raise the fallen as well as the vanquished, to create a social redemption.

To humanize our surroundings is, therefore, a task which should interest the physicians both of soul and body.

In a tentative, halting sort of fashion we are learning to humanize the factory and shop.