Humanized [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Humanized:

I was humanizing him and honoring him by the name he chooses to be called.

I think humanizing leadership, humanizing the conversation, humanizing all aspects of business, is a trend that will continue to accelerate.

Man, by this community, debases himself less than the beasts are elevated and humanized.

They could not have done so at their ease had the river not been humanized.

Alcamenes represented him as a sort of humanized Zeus or Jupiter.

At a later time the whole was humanized, merely the horns, ears or hoofs remaining as relics of the animal form.

Something is achieved because it is really desired; existence is in so far humanized, a self has been realized.

Very slight changes would be needed to make the same stories fit any humanized animal.

Val Arden accosted him with surprise and congratulated Barbara in his presence on having humanized him.

But this infliction has in no wise humanized their blood-thirsty nature.