Humankind [noun]

Definition of Humankind:

the human race

Synonyms of Humankind:

Opposite/Antonyms of Humankind:


Sentence/Example of Humankind:

Sent ahead to create conditions favorable for humankind, these robots will need to be tough, adaptable and recyclable if they’re to survive within the inhospitable cosmic climates that await them.

Instead, he said that while Mars exploration is a worthwhile effort to keep humankind alive, life would be hard.

Indeed, science-fiction tales like The War of the Worlds depict humankind acting as one against a common enemy.

Indeed, if you watch a short trailer Hitchcock produced to advertise his film, you might start to think maybe humankind was asking for it.

It is the largest product launch in the history of humankind.

Africa and its multitude of ethnolinguistic groups are therefore fundamental to learning more about humankind and our origins.

We missed the chance to stop climate change, but Lippman believes we can still win the race to remake agriculture and safeguard the food supply for humankind.

The data points to the increasingly collaborative nature of humankind’s top scientific achievements.

It’s got fairly high species diversity, and we’ve just touched the tip of the iceberg in terms of the potential medicinal value to humankind.

What secrets lie in store in these hidden parts of the human genome remains to be seen, but uncovering them will be a major step towards humankind truly mastering our own biology.