Humans [noun]

Definition of Humans:

person, homo sapiens

Synonyms of Humans:

Opposite/Antonyms of Humans:

Sentence/Example of Humans:

They sulk and pout, worse than humans, if one act wins more applause than another.

And then learn, by experimenting, if such plants could be safely eaten by humans.

No humans, or those of her own species, lived within miles of her.

Horses and dogs can see them easier than humans, even in the daytime, and it makes their hair stand up when they do.

One by one the wild folk came forth, to live and love and die in this their day, even as we humans in ours.

Then, the masked shrew—for so we humans have named this escape from Lilliput—flashed out into the open.

An animal pelt wrapped its middle and went over its shoulder, clothing it more fully than either of the four humans were clothed.

Here he is, now, doomed to move forever in a house of glass where humans come and point their finger at him.

Kin I skiver er humans clean clar ercross de dissart, und retch back ter de eend o' de yeth, wid dese wun-eyed specks?

I spishuned dat werry axydent wuz ergwine ter happ'n. Und Hanner she ups und sez, sez she, 'How cum yer node mo dan tuther humans?