Humbly [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Humbly:

The phrase “humbly confident” introduces every job ad on YNAB’s careers page.

"I most humbly thank your lordship," replied the butler with an air of profound gratitude, as he chuckled in his sleeve.

I humbly petition your Majesty to be pleased to order that he be despatched here, so that this so urgent need may be supplied.

Dorothy met the request, so humbly made, with heart-felt expressions of gratitude.

The humbly sympathizing friend became once more the respectful servant, and hurried away to carry out his young mistress's behest.

I humbly pray thee, most gracious Mother, obtain for me the grace to overcome the bitter results of original sin.

You see it, father, since she has made me fail in duty toward you, for which I humbly ask your forgiveness to-day.

Desmond himself came to Sidney at Dungarvan, and ‘very humbly offered any service that he was able to do to her Majesty.’

She had forfeited her rank, that she accepted humbly as a proper punishment, ardently hoping it would be found sufficient.

She had listened humbly while Gertrude read to her and expounded the legend of the sacred Books.