Humbug [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Humbug:

Only a humbug would complain about this “Alice in Wonderland” like befuddlement.

We all bow to the seor, and I wonder if he is really the private secretary, or a private humbug, waiting around to ensnare us.

Did the manufacturers of Alleotone feel downcast over the exposure of their humbug?

In brief, Dowds scientific method is nothing more than unscientific humbug.

You will find him in these pages, just the same humbug Wizard as before.

"The Wizard of Oz has always been a humbug," agreed Dorothy.

"He's only a humbug Wizard, though," said Dorothy, smiling at him.

These duels, by the by, are pieces of the most intense humbug that can be imagined.

You can't cut those clouds into slices of cheese as you can them of that humbug of a Cloud Lowrain.

Even in those of the best schools, that need none of this clap-trap, there is a little humbug.