Humiliates [verb]

Definition of Humiliates:

embarrass, put down

Opposite/Antonyms of Humiliates:

Sentence/Example of Humiliates:

What humiliates me is an obvious common thing that to any human one would mean hurt and more hurt.

You mean to be kind, but you don't know how every word you say humiliates me.

Through the loyalty of your wife's pure heart, whatever humiliates you must humiliate her.

Mr. Talmage denies your statement that the Old Testament humiliates woman.

Such prayer humiliates, purifies, and quickens activity, in the direction that is unerring.

But gratitude is a deep feeling which honours a man and at the same time humiliates him.

Her backwardness humiliates her parents, especially because she gave great promise until two years ago.

How it humiliates those that receive, and how it overestimates the importance of those that give.

Miss Digby, I can scarcely command words to say what it so humiliates me to have heard.

A woman in one personality writes a letter that humiliates her in another personality.