Hummock [noun]

Definition of Hummock:

small hill

Synonyms of Hummock:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hummock:

Sentence/Example of Hummock:

The thought seemed to produce the dreaded object, for next moment a large hummock appeared right ahead.

We had to cross what is called a hummock, which was in reality a depression, but not low enough to be swampy.

Hair-Face ran out on the quaking morass and gained the firmer footing of a grass-hummock a dozen yards away.

A hummock is a protuberance raised upon any plane of ice above the common level.

And then, when we had cautiously rounded a hummock at the top, my steel helmet was blown off—not by a shrapnel, but by the wind!

As the land rose in nine roundish points, which seamen call hummocks, this place was named Nine Hummock Bay.

Here again (8,) our expedition encountered vast fields of hummock-ice, and were subjected to the most imminent perils.

Sometimes they anchored their vessels to icebergs, and sometimes to floes or masses of hummock.

The lightened sledge sprang away like a rocket, and was brought up with a sudden jerk by the hummock.

They had only been eight hours out when they met a bear sitting on its haunches behind a hummock.