Humoring [adjective]

Definition of Humoring:


Opposite/Antonyms of Humoring:

Sentence/Example of Humoring:

The essayist finds humor, absurdity and delight in life’s experiences.

They’re stories that wrap you in charm and good humor, and a sense of the resilience that undergirds Winspear’s tale.

No one has ever accused the marathon gods of not having a sense of humor.

He and his wife — Hillary, also a music teacher — have always embraced the humor of their name.

She has a great sense of humor and makes an excellent Korean tofu rice bowl.

Although much online extremism comes with at least a dash of irony or humor, sometimes delivered in visual memes, it can have the effect of gradually introducing radical ideas to people newly encountering them online.

Until that moment, our conversations had been brief, but aside from his Turkishness, Ersin’s sense of humor and joie de vivre had piqued my curiosity.

This takes skill, restraint, and a whole lot of humor, on both sides.

He also watched YouTube clips—“even The Colbert Show, you could see Jim’s sense of humor,” he says.

Crude humor aside, the year has had a lot of unpleasant moments so far.