Humorless [adjective]

Definition of Humorless:

old-fashioned, prim

Synonyms of Humorless:

Opposite/Antonyms of Humorless:

Sentence/Example of Humorless:

The captain was grinning, a nasty, evil grin, his eyes hard and humorless as he stood there flanked by three crewmen.

The Government was now, whatever it had been, a graceless, humorless incarnate ferocity.

But I found at that point, and from there on, that for all I could determine he was completely humorless.

This badinage was greatly relished by Rose, but not at all by the baroness, who was as humorless as a swan.

"Thank God that thing had a one-track mind, and was concentrating on the spider," said Jim, with a rather humorless laugh.

He shrugged thick bare shoulders, his humorless black-browed face unmoved, when Farrell included him in his scowl.

His thin lips set in a humorless smile, showing an even line of white teeth against his tanned skin.

Hunter is a decentish fellow, for a dreamer, but the Hillquit person is a humorless anarchist.

And now—he laughed a sharp bark of humorless annoyance—Douglas couldn't have timed it better if he had tried!

Like many another humorless fellow, he prided himself upon a gift of mimicry signally denied to him.