Humorous [adjective]

Definition of Humorous:

funny, comical

Synonyms of Humorous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Humorous:

Sentence/Example of Humorous:

For example, if you run a toy store online, your descriptions should sound fun and humorous.

"You positively convulse me, you're so very humorous," said Robinson, without a vestige of a smile.

Perhaps our comic papers have never heard of the Improvement Clubs, or find nothing in them that is humorous.

He was fond of the pathetic, but the humorous moved him most, and his lively gifts were welcome wherever we went.

Aunt Ri gazed at her with a sentiment as near to veneration as her dry, humorous, practical nature was capable of feeling.

Her hazel eyes were very round for a moment, then they narrowed, and little humorous lines formed at the corners of her lips.

A vein of shrewd and humorous sarcasm, together with an under-current of quiet selfishness, made him a very pleasant companion. '

He had the happy gift of seeing always the humorous and the best side of things.

He had a loose hairy benignant face with a humorous but penetrating eye and the usual domelike brow.

One of the most humorous tales of modern fiction, combined with a very tender and appealing love story.