Humorously [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Humorously:

His trip to a Taco Bell on Monday was initially meant to be just a darkly humorous lunch option.

The eagle-eyed West Virginia native is a humorous speaker, and there is nothing shy about the man who rose to become brigadier general.

You may even twist the knife by adding a friendly, open smile, as if to indicate how humorous it is that anyone could draw such a conclusion.

To “get” a joke or humorous situation, you need to be able to see the lighter side of things.

That means the agency has gone back to its previously created ads and cut out scenes of people in elevators or ride-sharing together or person-to-person delivery as well as changed the voiceover to be less humorous.

This trait in the man of the Midi is one that Daudet has brought out humorously in the Tartarin books.

I never had supposed him humorously vindictive; he was, and his apparently innocent mistakes almost turned my hair gray.

He turned half humorously towards the stenographer: "I fancy you understood long before Mr. Gilland did."

"Sure, she means to have her way with us as well as with Walter Butler," he said humorously.

Bliss especially suggested and emphasized a "humorous work—that is to say, a work humorously inclined."