Humpbacked [adjective]

Definition of Humpbacked:

disfigured, distorted

Synonyms of Humpbacked:

Opposite/Antonyms of Humpbacked:

Sentence/Example of Humpbacked:

A sprawling, humpbacked mountain frowned on us And blotted out a smouldering sunset cloud That broke in fiery ashes.

He seems to have gone about looking quite ugly and humpbacked, as our old cat does when she has words with the dog.

She indicated a small humpbacked trunk covered with moth-eaten horsehair.

Get a gun and go out and drop that humpbacked old Injy-cracker!

Old Joe left his daytime den, a burrow beneath a humpbacked boulder, half an hour after nightfall.

They explored a great cave under the Humpbacked Island, and had an exciting experience with two pirates.

"Walks like he'd swallered a fence rail, too," chimed in a humpbacked fellow split almost to his chin.

She is humpbacked and lame and near-sighted; her nose and chin meet; and she walks bent on a stick.

The river here was about thirty yards broad and full of humpbacked salmon, but apparently no trout.

There were shoals of humpbacked salmon in the pools, but they were hideous to look at, as the spawning season was coming on.