Hunchbacked [adjective]

Definition of Hunchbacked:

disfigured, distorted

Synonyms of Hunchbacked:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hunchbacked:

Sentence/Example of Hunchbacked:

On returning to the dining-room, I perceived that the picture representing Rigoletto, the hunchbacked jester, was no longer there.

Hunchbacked, with bloodshot eyes, he made up for his bodily defects by a facetious disposition.

But suppose the ‘fair lady’ should be ugly, hunchbacked, a shrew, or a troublesome coquette.

The door was opened by a sickly, hunchbacked lad who begged us to walk in, and who seemed to be quite alone there.

He spoke of the “Gray Streak,” of a hunchbacked Indian, of swift dog teams and of a curious cavern beneath the snow-covered earth.

And the one in Ephesus, a red-beard, hunchbacked and half-blind and even more terrible than the first!

Then he drew back into the room, and a moment later was followed by a hunchbacked man in black, who wore a large sword.

This was not the time to turn aside in a chase for even so desperate a criminal as the hunchbacked greaser.

Do you chance to know of a small, hunchbacked Mexican who is more or less in this section of the country, Senor?

Was he to go on like this, growing hunchbacked under a burden that weighed and bowed him down continually?