Hunched [verb]

Definition of Hunched:

cower, crouch

Synonyms of Hunched:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hunched:

Sentence/Example of Hunched:

We can help quickly if an assistant media planner has a hunch about an audience that might be appropriate for a client.

If he’s cheating, if the wife finds out, and if she asks what you know, then you tell the truth — that you had your suspicions but none founded enough to speak up, and would not risk her marriage or anyone’s on a hunch.

Solid KPIs keep data at the forefront of your business decision-making instead of relying on hunches or feelings.

My hunch was that Housebound, with its fixation on forced intimacy and confinement in too-familiar spaces, would be the perfect aperitif after eight-plus months in quarantine.

That’s the hunch Krieger’s been working from ever since her run that night.

Then she rallied and, like Jake, was ready to do battle with any one who hunched their shoulders at Miss Dory.

"You aren't very complimentary to us," Frank grumbled, as he hunched himself over the wheel of Mollie's car.

There they were, hunched down under the robe, their heads drawn into their collars like two turtles half asleep on a mud bank.

After a bit, he shut up and remained hunched over the wheel, his face as white and stiff as though chiselled from marble.

On the contrary the breed of the bison, or hunched ox, occupies all the southern provinces.